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10 Reasons Why
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  • No seminar leader in the world has helped as many Canadians to stop smoking as Romane.
  • Romane has over 50 years experience with hypnosis, and he has helped hundreds of thousands of people to stop smoking. He is a Certified Master Hypnotist and the author of over 100 hypnosis recordings and books.
  • Up to 80% of his audiences raise their hands to show that they know someone who has successfully stopped smoking with Romane! See Video Proof
  • Romane's stop smoking seminar uses the MULTIPLE METHOD APPROACH - the method most recommended by the U.S. Surgeon General Research Report.
  • Romane gives a WRITTEN LIFETIME GUARANTEE for 800 line free phone support. The good news is that Romane's seminar is so successful that most never need it.
  • Romane's methods are NATURAL - no nicotine systems.
  • Romane's seminar will also help you to achieve maximum health, be more relaxed and calm, and even control weight!
  • The seminar fee is only the cost of a few packs of cigarettes, and you could save thousands of dollars a year! Add it up! (See chart below)
  • Romane's presentation is riveting, relaxing, friendly, sincere, inspiring, motivating, amusing, and delivers proven results.
  • Romane has invested thousands of hours and thousands of dollars researching over 1000 stop smoking programs, and he surveys thousands of his own clients to find out what really works!
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Be paid every day for being a non-smoker!

The average price of cigarettes in Canada is $10.00
Here's how much you will save when you quit:

Time Period 1 Pack 1 1/2 Packs 2 Packs 2 1/2 Packs 3 Packs
Day $10.00 $15.00 $20.00 $25.00 $30.00
Month $300.00 $450.00 $600.00 $750.00 $900.00
Year $3,650.00 $5,475.00 $7,300.00 $9,125.00 $10,950.00
10 Years $36,500.00 $54,750.00 $73,000.00 $91,250.00 $109,500.00
20 Years $73,000.00 $109,500.00 $146,000.00 $182,500.00 $219,000.00