Stop Smoking & Lose Weight with Hypnotist M. Vance Romane

Are you, or is someone you know addicted to marijuana?

This quiz will help you answer that question:
  • Are you unable to quit using marijuana for 30 days?
  • Is it difficult for you to imagine yourself not using marijuana?
  • Do most of your friends use marijuana?
  • Do you see your friends that don't use marijuana less and less?
  • Do you use marijuana when you are alone?
  • Do you use marijuana to escape problems in your life?
  • Do you use marijuana to escape negative feelings?
  • Do you have difficulty remembering things?
  • Do you plan your life so that marijuana comes first?
  • When your marijuana is almost gone, do you feel anxious about where to get more?
  • When you use marijuana is it no longer fun?
  • Do you promise to cut down and don't?
  • Do your friends and family complain about your marijuana use?
If you answer yes to the above questions then,
You are addicted. Romane can help you to get a brand new life. Here's how:
Use Romane's Stop Using Marijuana CDs (set of 3).
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