Stop Smoking & Lose Weight with Hypnotist M. Vance Romane

Mind Power for Health, Happiness and Success

CDs 1 - 4 are the entire "Mind Power Seminar" - Recorded live.

CD #1:
  • Mind body connection.
  • Dissolve tension headaches and more.
  • Imaginary lemon experience.
  • Mind Power Principles.
CD #2:
  • How to be hypnotized.
  • Partnering with your subconscious for health, happiness, and success.
  • Develop concentration and imagination.
  • Hand locking experience.
  • Rising and falling arms experience.
  • Relaxation easier than tension experience.
  • Right thumbed or left thumbed?
CD #3:
  • Relaxing with breathing.
  • Secrets of hypnosis.
  • Removal of misconceptions.
  • Hypnosis conditioning experience.
  • How to know you are hypnotized.
CD #4:
  • Magnetic fingers experience.
  • Automatic subconscious change.
  • Why hypnosis works.
  • Stress reduction.
  • Long hypnosis induction for health, happiness, success, confidence, personal power, energy, exercise, motivation, weight control, will power, self-control, elimination of worry, healthy eating, stress management, forgiveness of yourself and others, positive thoughts and much more.
CD #5:
  • Studio recording: A life changing mind power hypnosis session for health, happiness and success.

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