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There is no other seminar quite like "POWERS OF PERSUASION" and the techniques are of value to anyone who deals with people. Using these techniques, others like and trust you more. As a result, you are able to sell yourself, your ideas, your services and your products with greater success.

"POWERS OF PERSUASION" is a break-through in sales seminars. Romane will not go through the usual flurry of 'successful sales techniques'. Instead, he will focus upon a very different set of techniques concerned with the more subliminal processes and the individual needs of the prospect. Previously considered 'unteachable' skills of master salespeople, these skills can now be learned by most anyone. No question about it, top salespeople do have a way of selling so it is almost impossible to disagree.

For example, top sales people match certain identifiable patterns of their prospect's speech. They mirror body language and customer mood. They may even unconsciously breathe in and out with their customer. People trust a reflection of themselves.

Super-sellers frequently use 'hypnotic language' and employ fascinating stories which grab, focus and fixate their listener's attention. (This is a definition of hypnosis). They often use unforgettable images rather than a lot of statistics.

Super-sellers may use humor to ease the tension; surprise techniques to change and refocus attention or confusion to make the prospect want to know more.

It is only recently that these and other techniques have been identified as 'hypnotic'. These powerful, effective and scientific marketing tools are also of use in persuasive telephone selling and even in direct mail sales.

"POWERS OF PERSUASION" is a refreshing approach to anyone 'stuck in a rut'. Practical methods are given to sharpen your own skills and benefit you in your career, friendships and family life. In fact, these persuasion techniques are of benefit to anyone who deals with people in any way.

All seminar handouts are included.

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