Stop Smoking & Lose Weight with Hypnotist M. Vance Romane

M. Vance Romane
Leader In Health Education

No one has helped more Canadians with hypnosis than Romane.
He has instructed MILLIONS of people world-wide in the Mastery of Hypnotic Suggestions.
He returns again and again to the same cities as his popularity continues to grow.
His seminar does not deal with theories, but instead with what works!
Romane's 50rd Year

Romane romaine
Certified Master Hypnotist

At the age of thirteen, M. Vance Romane hypnotised someone for the first time. He acquired an enormous library, read and experimented constantly to master the subject. The most difficult people became easy in his hands. He left nothing to luck or chance. Just think about the thousands of programs Romane has given; think of the thousands he has hypnotized and helped; think of the experience he has had in hypnotizing people of every kind and character under all conditions. Romane is enthusiastic about giving his public seminars. He would rather give these seminars than anything else in the world he has done.

When you attend his seminar, you will have the opportunity to meet Romane face to face. Nothing would give him more pleasure than to shake your hand and congratulate you on your success. Romane is a man of integrity and has a personal interest in helping you to achieve health, happiness and success.

Take yourself out of the class of those who do things haphazardly. Romane's Seminars employ The Multiple Methods Approach. When you come to the Lose Weight or Stop Smoking Seminar, you'll also receive a toll free phone support number, absolutely free of charge. After attending his seminar, if you ever want to speak to Romane personally, you may do so. However, because the seminar is so complete, it is rare when anyone feels the need to call.

Do you think it is better to study under someone who has a reputation? No hypnotist has had more success in public seminars throughout the nation. Only you can make the first step to take advantage of this opportunity. His group seminars will teach anyone just as quickly and as efficiently as a private session. He has refined his seminars and has improved them again and again to create seminars that are virtually the most powerful life-changing experience on earth. Possess an enormous advantage to stop smoking or lose weight!

EXTRA BONUS! You'll also experience a free mini-seminar for self-esteem building and stress control!