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Stop Smoking Well, it's been 12 years now since that first seminar, and I've been back, not because I needed to, but because I enjoy the seminars and being in the same room with Vance. I must confess that I have gone to bed with him every night for years, for I listen to various hypnosis tapes he offers as a way of calming my mind.
I know some detractors will think Mr. Romane is a charlatan. Nothing is further from the truth. I have been fortunate to have some candid conversations with him and he is totally sincere about helping others. Personally, I think he should be awarded the Order of Canada for the many lives he has changed and saved.
Thank you again, Vance. I love you, man.
Grant Sullivan
Calgary, AB

Stop Smoking

I attended Romane's Stop smoking Seminar in Feb.2005 here in Calgary.I am proud to say I never had a puff ever again since then! It's been 12 years and never have a craving, I am very very thankful.
Mildred Dale
Calgary, AB

Stop Smoking Over thirty five years of smoking over a package a day, over thirty five times I have tried to stop and have failed miserably!! I was not able to attend the seminar as I had to work so I bought the stop smoking C.D.s and listened to them. First the how to hypnotize myself and then listened to the C.D for stop smoking!!! I never picked up a cigarette again, never desired one, never craved one and every night for two weeks before I went to sleep I listened to the C.D. I am now a healthy happy clean air breather!! Thank you so much for giving me my health and my life back! No more ball and chain!!!
Heather B.
Courtenay, BC

Stop Smoking So, in one short week it will make the one year anniversary of not smoking, thanks to Romane!!! My mom, friend Tabitha and I had all attended his quit smoking seminar in Olds, AB last year and since then have been smoke free! I am so proud of us!!! We couldn't of done it without you Romane!!!! Thank you!!!! I went from smoking two+ packs a day to nothing! Absolutely nothing!!!!!
Kayla H.
Calgary, AB

Stop Smoking Myself and my husband attended a Romane session over three years ago. I am thankful to say that we have been fresh air breathers ever since. Thank you Vance. You have changed our lives forever and we are eternally grateful. I hope you continue your work for many years to come.
Denise H.
Edmonton, AB

In 1983 I attended your session in Brandon Manitoba. I felt wonderful after the stop smoking session and have never smoked since. Our three year old daughter at the time had asthma and I was determined to quit smoking and thanks to Romane I achieved my goal. So glad to see he is returning to Brandon and hope he will help many more people as he did me!!
Ted M.
Brandon, MB

Being the only smoker in the office at this time two years ago, I was on the Branch manager's hit list - he was bound and determined to get me to quit smoking ( he quit years ago after attending Vance's session). After almost daily chats about my smoking, and his smoking and his quit smoking etc…. he basically backed me in a corner and took away any excuse I had not to quit (trust me I gave him everyone in the book)….he told me I had nothing to lose other than an hour or two of my time, and I needed to have a open mind and listen to what Romane (the hypnotist) had to say.
I went home, told my hubby I was going to see a hypnotist to quit smoking and he damn near fell over laughing at me! I have to tell you, I did feel a little foolish – hypnosis is party entertainment - could it really help me quit smoking?
It sure did - It was the easiest quit of my life! I am a red head, I have a temper, and quitting smoking, running low on smokes, god forbid running out of smokes hit the big snarky button for me – not this time, I don’t believe in magic, but this hypnosis session was pretty damn close to it….(it really is very scientific…Google it)
Like most smokers - both my hubby and I have tried to quit a ton of times, and we always seemed to say, “after this pack” - but the pack never ran out on the right day or the right time for it to be convenient for us to quit. I think we were both scared of the withdraw, the inability to concentrate at work, the fighting at home because we were both so cranky and craving a smoke…. really didn’t want to sign up for the suffering like you do when you quit smoking.
My husband - the guy that doesn’t believe in hypnosis; the guy that has smoked wearing the patch and smoked while on champix; the guy that smoked a pack or more a day every day in the last 17 years (that’s right he never was able to quit for even a day) saw how well I was doing and that I hadn’t fell victim to some gimmick snake oil session- decided to go to a Romane session two months after I went – and he quit using this method – I’ll tell ya, he didn’t change anything, he still drank beer with the guys and claims that he didn’t crave a smoke at all….he works in the field around guys that smoke around him all the time….and I will admit, I actually didn’t believe he quit – I would do the “discreet sniff test” when he got home…and a bunch of other investigative things….He actually quit!!!!
If he can quit using this method, I am pretty sure you guys can do it.
Present –
We have two years in not smoking – and looking back – I used to think that smoking helped relieve my stress – turns out – the smoking stressed me out – I was worried if I had enough cigs for the day, where my lighter was ( I had one in every pocket, and half a doz in the purse and same again in the car with an emergency stash of matches hidden). I was always stressing about when I could get a smoke break in, if when I had my smoke break if it would hold me till the next time – if I thought it wouldn’t I would smoke two or sometimes three back to back! Looking back on it now – it took a lot of work and a lot of effort to keep smoking….
So, if any of you guys have ever thought about quitting smoking you need to get to a session with Vance Romane - it will be the easiest thing you will ever do! There is NO STRESS in Quitting this way!
I highly recommend pre-purchasing so you don't have to wait in line to get in. If you don't, be sure you go early - there will be a line. It may all sound too good to be true, but just go! You won't regret it - It was the easiest and least stressful quit of my life.
Amanda M.
Calgary, AB

My husband and I booked tickets to go see Romane January 17th 2016 at West Edmonton Mall. This was mostly due to a dare from a coworker who had been after me for quite some time to quit smoking. I have been a smoker for 20 plus years and always said I "was not a quitter!"
Going into this seminar (200 plus people) my husband was very hopeful, however I had my argument all prepared for when I continued to smoke and he quit however... that never happened!
Somehow, someway, it worked! From that first day forward and to this day, whenever I think about smoking, I get excited! Excited that I don't smoke! I am thrilled that I don't carry that awful smell, that I don't have an ashtray on my lap or beside me on the couch. I'm excited that my car no longer has ashes scattered in the front console.
This by far is one of the best things that has ever happened to me in my life. We took a chance, bought a couple of tickets and it changed our lives forever! I recommend EVERYONE try this Stop Smoking Seminar, it truly worked for me, who would've thought!!
Connie B.
Edmonton, AB

Originally, I heard about this method from my Father, who had successfully quit smoking for a long length of time. My body was getting tired of smoking but my mind kept on making excuses why I deserved another smoke. I was tired of spending pointless money on cigarettes and also, all those bad methods to try and quit smoking. Not to mention, how hard smoking made it to get in shape and make healthy choices.
So, I decided to give the hypnotist Romane a chance.I did this conference back at the end of January in Vancouver. Ever since then, not only have I quit smoking the second I walked out of the conference, but I also have been making healthier decision and have being dedicating all my spare time going to the gym getting in better shape rather then smoking.
The reason this conference was so beneficial to me, is because Romane taught me how to over power my sub concious to control what I want my mind to think. It made me realize how powerful my mind actually is.
Andrew DiBiase
Vancouver, BC

I attended a seminar in Edmonton in September of 2013 at Fantasyland Hotel I walked out and have never craved or touched a cigarette since. I have also put money away that I would have spent and have almost $9000.00. I always said I could not quit. Thanks to Romane I can say I QUIT!! ... I had tried numerous other pills, patches and vapor cigarettes Only Hypnosis worked ... I have to say that is the best $80.00 I have ever spent.
Sandra C,
Leduc, AB

I want to thank you for changing my life and helping me become a nonsmoker. It was surprisingly easy, I had smoked for 40 years.
Donna B.
Antigonish, NS

The power of hypnosis is simply amazing. I have not smoked a cigarette since 1998.
Bill B.
McCreary, MB

I am amazed at my progress - can it REALLY be this easy - YES! Quite honestly, I think Health Canada should promote this - think of the savings on our health care system. I was a pack a day smoker for 25 years. How did I go from a pack a day to 0 per day - I do not know - only Romane knows that for sure! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Lisa M.
St. John's, NL

Just wanted to drop you a line on my progress. I attended your seminar in Brandon Manitoba on August 21, 2014, front row center(I came really early to make that happen). I have not lit up since. It has only been 12 days but I am quite positive this is the final attempt for me. Thank you for supplying the mental tools I needed to make me a non smoker......or should I say a fresh air breather. I use the cd from time to time to keep me locked in and have to exercise my focused breathing if a "boredom" craving pops up but it works. NOT A ONE. Thank you from myself, my wife and my son. It is the best feeling in the world to know I am succeeding at defeating this addiction...
Trevor L.
Brandon, MB

It has been 9 years since I quit smoking and I have to say from the bottom of my heart Thank you. You saved my life.
Sherri Peters
Lloydminster, AB

I was a smoker for over 30 years and I have been a clean air breather now for 2 months. I was really skeptical about attending this seminar especially when it was for a large group of people. I thought that I needed to have one on one attention to really get into it and actually be hypnotized... This was the easiest way to quit ever!!!... I only hope more people get the chance to get to a seminar before the retires.
Corina B.
Sooke, BC

Our sons had bought the tickets as our Christmas present in 2002 for a January 2003 session. They thought we would be angry at them as they hated us being smokers. My husband and I both went to the session. We are now at 11 years smoke free. Go to the seminar this is a solution that works forever.
Marie R.
Nanaimo, BC

On Sept 10, 2010. I very reluctantly attended the session. I only went because someone I knew wanted company to go. At the break; I went outside and smoked 2 cigarettes. I went in and finished the session. I have not had a smoke since. I did put the money I was spending on smokes in a separate account and have bought almost all new furniture for our house and even paid for a couple of trips. I feel great? And I don't stink!! Gotta love that!
Thank you so much. It really took very little effort. But I did put some effort in as I had paid to attend and did not want to waste that money. Best money you will ever spend.
Deborah Scully
Dryden, ON

The best $80 I ever spent. No cravings, mood swings, or weight gained. Was a smoker for 15 years and after 2 3/4 hours I was not. AMAZING!!!!!!!!
Tanya Mercer
Edmonton, AB

Over 10 years ago my hubby Mike went to Romane, and I knew as soon as I picked him up afterward that it had worked as he didn't attempt to light up a cigarette and he'd been inside for three hours! He had a few days of irritation, but it was mild and passed quite easily. From about the fourth day not smoking he has been impressed with his improvement in breathing and feeling clearer lungs, the improved color of his skin and tattoos (haha), and mostly hissense of taste. He was amazed that he could actually taste food!
All these years and he's never been tempted to take up smoking again, and he always talks about how happy he is that he quit! Kissing him is so much nicer too! :)
Terri F.
Edmonton, AB

I was a 3 pack a day smoker for many, many years and at the urging of my wife I went to a Romane seminar in Langley BC, in 1986. My "Master Plan" was to attend the seminar and on my way home I would stop at a store and buy my usual weekly supply of two cartons of smokes. Wonder of wonders I didn't stop at that store or any other store and have been a non smoker now for 27 years. God Bless you Romane. I have no doubt you saved my life, not to mention the money saved as well. Smokes were $2 a pack when I quit, now they are around $10 or $11.
Allan OHara
White Rock, BC

On March 10th of 2013, myself and my husband attended Romane stop smoking seminar. It was amazing. I wasn't sure if it would work as I had been a smoker for 26 years. I am proud to say that I am a clean fresh air breather for 5 months and counting now. Thank you Romane. My husband is still a non smoker as well and we have never felt better.
Denise H.
Edmonton, AB

Wow... I went from being a pack a day smoker to a non smoker in one night by going to Vance's Quit Smoking seminar in Calgary of February 6th 2013. Since then, I have saved HUNDREDS of dollars!
Tammie Boudreau
Calgary, AB

...I brought a towel and spread out on the floor and listened to everything he said in the seminar. I absorbed it, I wanted it, and it worked! I left the seminar and went out for drinks with friends. Had no urge to smoke. We then had a big meal, that used to be followed by a cigarette, but not this time. I have now been smoke free for many years and I feel wonderful. It is important that you want to quit smoking, or lose weight or whatever it is you go to his seminar for, to be as relaxed and open to the power of suggestion as you can possibly be. Don't be shy, spread out on the floor, in a corner, against a wall, whatever it takes. Get comfortable!!! You will love your new life. No weight gain, fresh air, no longer having to run out into the rain to smoke. Your house will smell better, your car will smell better and YOU will smell better. Go for it! It works!
Debbie E.
Thunder Bay, ON

I just want to say thank you for changing my life. I was a smoker for 30 years and tried EVERYTHING to quit and read every book I could find on quitting. I had short term success but never felt like I was a non smoker only a smoker struggling not to smoke. I went to the quit smoking seminar February 2013. My husband came with me just to support me and really didn't even want to quit. We have both been smoke free for 14 weeks. I used the CDs for the first week and have never had a craving. I can't even imagine that I ever smoked at all. Again, thank you for saving my life. I hope that you will be back in Edmonton so I can send my family members and keep them with me longer.
Susan Simpson
Edmonton, AB

Thank you so much! It has been 14 weeks today and my mom, my friend Tabitha, and I have not had any cigarettes because of your seminar!... Thank you so much for changing our lives! But may I ask a favor of you? To please come back to Calgary!!! I have so many friends who want to try your hypnosis seminar because they have seen how well it worked on us!
Kayla H.
Calgary, AB

I quit smoking on Feb 6/2013 after attending a seminar at The Blackfoot Inn. I can't believe how unbelieveably easy this was thanks to the dvd that I listened to twice a day. I am so glad I quit when I did as I have just discovered I have bladder cancer which is caused by smoking. Hopefully I will be fine but I would hate to have to quit at the same time as finding out this news. If you are ready to quit this is definitely the way. Thanks so very much, Romane.
Barbara F.
Calgary, AB

I had been a Smoker Starting at age 14 and worked up to almost a pack a day smoker 10 years later. I really had no desire to quit I went to the stop smoking seminar more out of curiosity. I had read a bit about hypnotism and experimented with it just to relax. When Romane came to Calgary my brother and I went to The Stop smoking Seminar. I guess it has been long enough that I can now tell my story. It has been 14 years since that night and I am SMOKE FREE still and so is my brother. I had no withdrawal symtoms and therefore I do not believe smoking is a physical addiction at all it is 100% mental. Thank you so much Romane, I only have one question....@ avg. $8/day/pack for 14 years I can't seem to find the extra $40,800 I have saved.
John Mourelatos
Calgary, AB

I had been a smoker for 20 years, and had made many many attempts to quit (nicotine replacement therapy, cold turkey, cutting down etc), but it always never last longer than a few days. Even when I was smoke free - I missed it, I wanted it and craved it. I was at a loss of what to do, get frustrated, upset etc. My aunt bought me a ticket to the Vance Romane's Quit Smoking Hypnotherapy session in Calgary on February 6th. I was slightly skeptical... but was blown away at how effective it was! I had never felt so relaxed before in my life - that alone was a wonderful feeling!! But upon leaving the seminar, I threw out my cigarettes... I had NO cravings, NO withdrawal, NO eating junk to compensate - I have had more energy, I can sleep better, I feel healthier...
Tammie Boudreau
Calgary, AB

February 3 will be my 2nd year anniversary of being a non smoker. Without Romane I never would have been able to quit.
Judi M.
Edmonton, AB

I went to one of your seminars in 1992, I believe, in Fort Nelson BC. I had smoked for over 20 years and over a pack a day. To this day I have never had or wanted a cigarette. I have no cravings whatsoever. I listened to the tapes for a bit afterwards, but I didn't need them long. Thank you so much for giving me my life back, and I am so glad I am not a smoker now paying these ridiculous prices and standing out in the cold (it was bad enough back then). I cannot believe how easy this was and would encourage anybody who wants to quit to give it a try.
Mila Young
Kamloops, BC

I went with my 2 girlfriends. We took it as a challenge between the 3 of us. That was 7 years ago. We all are still smoke free!! We made ourselves quite comfortable at the seminar. We brought pillows and found a nice place to relax. Listening to Romane's voice is very soothing and restful. When we left the seminar all of us threw away the cigarettes we had. Now we are all smoke free and richer!!!!!
Karen Lazaruk
Winnipeg, MB

I reluctantly went to the seminar on Oct 15, 2012 with two others who really wanted to quit smoking. I've been wanting to quit but never could find the right time. Well that night was the right time for me. I left the seminar and haven't had a smoke since. Even with family members smoking around me, the craving is still not there. I truly believe in the phrase "not a one". Since November 1 I have listened to the weight loss CD's and have lost 22 pounds. I encourage anyone who want to loose weight or stop smoking to attend this seminar. It has changed my life. Thanks for everything :)
Donna Todd
Kapuskasing, ON

On January 3, 1997 I went to the Romane quit smoking seminar in Surrey BC. I just had my 16TH YEAR OF NO SMOKING!! I was a pack a day smoker, and I can't even remember what it was like to smoke anymore! THANK YOU! Every year when my anniversary comes around, I'm just so grateful that I attended that seminar!
Sue Eastwood
Burnaby, BC

I took the stop smoking seminar in March of 2002, until then I was quite a heavy smoker. I have not had a cigarette since I took the seminar, 11 years ago. It was amazing and I would like to think it may have saved my life!!! Thank You Romane!!!
Daphne Howlett
St. Johns, NL

Thank you so much for helping me to quit smoking! I was skeptical at first, I won't lie, but it worked and it is continuing to work. Before, when I tried to quit I would want one if I was around other's that smoked. Now thanks to you, I just feel sorry for them and proud that I am not wasting my money and freezing out in the cold/rain. Thank you so much. You saved my life I am sure of it. I was nervous about going to some parties around the holidays, but haven't craved at all since your seminar! God Bless you!
Jean M.
Saint John, NB

I bought the cd package with my wife. After listening to both of the shortest sessions back to back I haven't smoked....7 weeks later! My wife listened to one of the 50 min cds and she quit instantly. We tried so hard for years, myself smoking for almost 15 years with no hope, just quit like that! Thank you, I'll be ordering other cds to improve my life!
William Michael Milano, t.t.
vocals/guitar - THE S.I.N.
Edmonton, AB

I know exactly where you were ten years ago last evening - at what was then the Wandlyn Inn at Coldbrook, NS. I know that because I was an attendee at your stop smoking seminar. I need to say thanks to you for giving me the ability to stop smoking. My last cigarette was at 6:50 PM, ten minutes before your seminar began, on November 12, 2002. I haven't smoked since! To say that I am happy and thankful is a terrible understatement - I had tried everything short of acupuncture and nothing worked. Your seminar did. And a relatively easy time quitting as well. I still remember the “mantra” that you taught us that evening - “A puff away from a pack a day.” I don’t use it often these days, but I will remember it always! So thank you for helping me to become a non-smoker!
Ken Pineo
New Minas, NS

Just dropping you a note to say Thank You! Ronnie and I have been smoke free for 6 weeks. He has smoked a pack a day for 27 years! This is the first time he has attempted to quit and he is very proud of himself, as am I! ... Not a one! That's $100/week in our bank account! Thank you for that, your skill is changing peoples' lives for the better and we appreciate you!
Karen and Ronnie
Saint John, NB

I was just going to the seminar to say that I went. I tried everything to quit smoking. I quit before for a long time but started up again a few years earlier. I actually went and had a smoke halfway through the seminar thinking, "This is bull.". But when I came out the second time I didn't feel like having a smoke. It continued for months, until this very day. The money I saved that month alone made it worth it. That was back in April 13th, 2012... Totally satisfied with the job Vance did. Quite a voice on that man too. I never got to thank him but this is my way of saying thank you. Thank you Vance, I'm happier and healthier now, and I owe it to you.
Dan M.
Chetwynd, BC

I attended Romane's Stop Smoking Seminar about 10 years ago here in Winnipeg at the Polo Park Inn. At the time, I was smoking 1 pack of cigarettes per day and even more on weekends. When Romane said that we could go outside at intermission time to have our last cigarette, I walked to the exit door and as soon as I smelled the smoke from the people smoking outside, I turned around and went back to the seminar room. I don't think I was hypnotized but I must have been! I have not smoked since that day and did not have any cravings either. I thank Romane from the bottom of my heart for saving me from being a slave to cigarettes. Thank God I quit when I did as smoking is not acceptable in most establishments anymore and the cost is more than I can afford these days. Who knows, I may even owe my life to Romane as had I continued to smoke - by now I might have developed lung cancer or some breathing problem. I cannot thank him enough.
Doreen H.
Winnipeg, MB

Thank you for your stop smoking seminar. I really didn't think that I wanted to quit. Thought it was all "silly". But....I have not touched a cigarette since that cold night in January. I have had not had ONE craving. No anxiety. It was just over. I have not changed my lifestyle. People around me smoke. People smoke in my house. I am so free! Thank you. I feel wonderful.
Virginia G.
Saskatoon, SK

I attended one of your seminars in Lloydminster Ab. on Feb. 27/07. At the time, I was smoking 1-1/2 to 2 packs a day. To this day, I am still smoke free. I haven't even tried 1 cigarette. Although now I have health problems from my years of smoking. I probably wouldn't be alive today if I would have stayed smoking. Thank you for helping me quit.
Ryan H.
Lloydminster, AB

I smoked a pack a day for 35 years. In the past I tried every way possible to quit. I tried the gum. I tried the patch. I tried every different pill on the market. I tried herbs. I listened to the tapes of several different hypnotists. I tried cold turkey. I tried cutting back. Nothing worked. Then I listened to the stop smoking seminar of Mr. Romane. It was great. I quit smoking that day and haven't looked back. There's been no cravings or irritability. Six weeks now without a cigarette. It's been great. Thanks.
Robert B.
Tres Rios, Costa Rica

I attended your seminar in January, 2012 in Edmonton. I have just passed my 7 month anniversary of not smoking... I was a 1 pkg a day smoker for at least 30+ years. It was almost too good to be true but I am living proof. I know I will never smoke again. Thank You.
Leona G.
Edmonton, AB

Thirteen years ago while living in Winnipeg my 20 year old daughter at the time attended your Chronic pain seminar and it worked for her she is still chronic pain free. I wrote you at that time to thank you, but didn't leave our names, I wrote you again approximately 1 year later as she felt the pain was coming back and you suggested the cd's which I purchased and she listened to them and has been fine ever since. I have told everybody about this.
V. G.
Winnipeg, MB

I smoked for 15 years and after so many attempts to stop, I decided to attend Romane's stop smoking seminar at Days Inn, Calgary in February 2005. It's 2012 and I did not have any "puff ever" like the manta that he taught us to remember. Thank you so much for saving my health and my money for years!
M. Dale
Calgary, AB

Feb. 7, 2012 was a life-changing day for me. A 39-year, pack a day smoker, I went to see Romane. Friends were skeptical, they said, "You won't quit unless you want to." Well, I did not want to quit, I loved smoking. It is hard to WANT to quit something you are addicted to. But I knew that I NEEDED to quit because my health was suffering. I did quit, that very evening. After the show I went home and discovered that I had left a full cigarette in the ashtray on my kitchen table. I picked it up and at that moment I had a decision to make and I said to myself, "OK, it's either do or die." Before I knew what I was doing, I crushed that big, fresh, inviting cigarette. I then went to my car and located four fresh packs of cigarettes. I literally ripped them apart and tossed them into the dumpster. I searched my fridge and located two more fresh packs, and ripped and twisted them up too and took them also outside to the dumpster. I had to do it right then before I could change my mind. I know I could have sold them. I know it was a waste of money. But really, it would have been more of a waste if they had been sucked into my lungs. The next day went well. And each day after that went better....
K. O'Dell
Lloydminster, SK

Just a great BIG thank you!!! My wife and I attended your Stop Smoking Seminar in Feb. 2011 in Burnaby at the Michael J Fox Theatre. We were both life long smokers aged 55 and 58 and since then we have been 'clean air breathers'. That's 15 months without one single puff!!! And the best part is that it was so easy and still is. I can stand in a circle of smokers and it literally does not bother me. I have an unopened pack of cigarettes in my vehicle that I've saved as a momento of the day I quit. Thank you!!!!! My wife found the CD's very helpful for the first month. I used a sniff of the aromatherapy oil for a month or two. After that, clear sailing....
Vancouver, BC
PS - We have also saved almost $8,000.00 as well. :)

We attended the seminar in Calgary February 1st 2012. We were a little nervous about being hypnotized as we've never "been under" before. Romane's "meditation - relaxation" hypnotism was amazing! You are still coherent, and can fully understand and hear him speaking to you when you are under. The first time was more of an educational hypnotism where he teaches you about self-hypnosis. When you come to, he asked us how long we thought we were under, and we though maybe 2-3 minutes. It was 21 minutes! The 2nd hypnotism was the real deal, where he was speaking fully about quitting smoking and the bad things about the habit, etc. We were under for about 43 minutes but it only felt like 5-8 minutes! I'm rambling because I am still amazed by the whole experience. We walked out of there confident that we would never light a cigarette up again, and we haven't! No cravings for me at all; my husband had a few the first week, but no more at all. We purchased the dvd's for home and used them periodically for reinforcement. We haven't smoked since January 31st...and won't ever again...NOT A ONE! We've each quit abut 8 times in the past, and this is our last time quitting! Thanks Romane, we love you!
Patty H.
Calgary, AB

My name is Robin and I am one of your successful patients. it's been well over year since I saw you last and thanks to you I remain a clean breather. Thanks so much for helping me regain my life. It brings tears to my eyes not having discovered you years earlier :) being a student of hypnotism I noticed you leave these beautiful pockets in your hypnotism where we can visualize the ultimate version of ourselves in your stop smoking seminar... well since I knew a little about hypnotism going in, well I really I took advantage of that moment and drove this vision of myself where I had a healthy diet and I was working out and so much more..........well now I'm in incredible shape, I have complete control of my diet (who knew raw broccoli could taste so good...and yes without dip) :) I'm glad I'm proof that your hypnotism really works :)
Robin M

I came to your Seminar in Calgary in Feb 2012 at the Carriage House. I was having surgery for my back in 10 days and really needed to quit smoking. I had tried the patch, the pills, and nothing was working. After your seminar I came home, and have not had a cigarette since. I was mostly thankful for losing my smokers cough in time for my surgery as coughing just to clear my lungs is painful enough. I am so thankful that I came to your seminar. I tell everyone how I quit and how amazing this whole process has been.
Debbie L.
Calgary, AB

My fiancee and I attended your show in Oct. 2011, in Brandon, Man, to quit smoking. My fiancee was a heavy 2 pack a day smoker and I was about half a pack. We had smoked for years. After we left the seminar, Tony had a cigarette and 2 the next day. After that, he has completely stopped and we have never looked back. We are coming up 6 months and will never go back to it. Thx so much for helping us. We had absolutely no cravings.
Cheryl D.

I attended your stop-smoking seminar in Regina on February 5th, eleven days ago. I left feeling completely confident that I would never smoke another cigarette... I can't believe how easy this was. Of course, you have to be ready and really want to quit – which I was – but I have not had a craving since. The first day, I woke up feeling relieved that I was no longer a smoker. A few times I had to figure out what to do when those habit times rolled around. I have figured out other ways to have breaks in my day. I have already saved enough from the cigarettes I would have bought to pay for the seminar and the recordings. It was an excellent investment, not only financially, but in ME and my health.
Monica L.
Regina, SK

I have been trying to free myself from this addiction for years. I do meditate, practise Yoga, exercise and eat to fuel my body. I had successfully quit smoking years ago taking Zyban which did work until I was in a break up situation, at which time, I started smoking again. About a year ago I wanted to try to quit and saw the doctor who had me try Champix. All I am going to say is I am lucky to be alive! I know and understand that a 'higher power' continually places you where you need to be at any given moment. I realized when I attended your seminar I felt I had the strength to finally do this and was at peace with myself. Thank you, for being there to guide me on my journey. I am a clean fresh air breather! NOT A ONE, NOT NOW, NOT EVER!
Jennine W.
Regina, SK

I, along with my daughter and sister-in-law, attended a stop-smoking seminar on February 10th, 2011. I had one cigarette prior to going in and during the intermission, I thought about having another one but refrained from doing so. I was keeping an open mind but was trying not to be too optimistic about long-term success. It was during the second meditation session that I felt something click in my mind. I had one cigarette left in my purse which I threw out as I left. I have been a clean, fresh air breather ever since. This method worked for me - I had very few thoughts about smoking and they quickly subsided. Anyone who wants to quit smoking should try this method. It may not work for everyone (no one method does) but it is worth a shot.
Squamish, BC

I have been cigarette free for close to 10 years (end of January 2002). I went to the seminar and then purchased the CD's. The CD's are what pulled me through. Changed my life! Not another puff!
Dawn V.
Calgary, AB

After smoking for 25 years, and many failed attempts to quit smoking, I decided to visit a Romane Seminar. I went alone, and sat where I didn't know anyone....small town. I focused completely on Romane's instructions, and followed his post seminar protocol. Here I am 5 years a non smoker. "Not a single puff, not ever." I still have cravings occasionally but they only last a few seconds....
Kelly H.
Fort St. John, BC

As a 25 year smoker and almost 2 packs a day at the end I tried several methods of quitting including laser, nicorettes, and many failed attempts on my own. One day back in 1991 I saw an ad in the local paper for Romane's seminar and I bought 2 tickets. At the time I was a Bingo caller working in a very smoky environment. After the seminar I had a shift calling that night. I kept my cigarettes with me but didn't have one and never did, not even a puff even till this day. I'm 60 now and probably have Vance to thank for being alive today. I recommend his treatment to anyone.
Larry R.
Nanaimo, BC

I attended the Stop Smoking Seminar on Sept. 23/10 and I have not had a cigarette since. It really was a lot easier than I ever thought possible. I never really had any cravings. But kept in my mind "Not a one!!"
Debbie S.
Dryden, ON

Thank you so very much, I NO LONGER SMOKE. I attended your seminar on Feb 10/11 and I quit JUST LIKE THAT. Not one single puff since I left the Michael J Fox Theatre that night. No Cravings, No weight Gain, No over eating, No cranky or bitchy behavior. I am so grateful - you have changed my life and my health forever. I am telling everyone I know that smokes to go and see you. I will use you as a mentor and healer in all areas of my life that I need help in or want to improve.
Lynn C.
Vancouver, BC

Well, I attended your seminar in Burnaby on Feb. 10th and threw away my cigarettes and lighter that night - came home and threw away ashtrays and washed my jackets and clothes and haven't had a cigarette since. I have listened to your CDs and read your tips. I have had cravings but I just say "Not a One" a few times and craving goes away. Don't know if I was hypnotized or not but it really doesn't matter cuz it's working. My teeth are already whiter and I wake up with a smile every morning. I also feel like a more relaxed person. Thank you, again.
Sharon L.
Burnaby, BC

I quit smoking 11 years ago at one of Romane's Stop Smoking Seminars in Kelowna. I had tried many different ways to quit before and this was the most effective and painless method. Not only did it work but I didn't gain weight! It is the best investment I ever made in my health to date.
K. S.
Penticton, BC

Hi, I think it's time to thank you for helping me quit smoking. I came to your seminar February 2, 2000. I was a smoker for 25 years, and I never thought I would ever quit. I had tried several times but with no success. I had also visited 3 hypnotists in my area over the course of several years with no success. At your seminar (of which I truly enjoyed) I found success. Your techniques were very thorough and covered all my concerns. I also came home with a complete set of the seminar for re-enforcement. I found quitting smoking with you was painless and I have remained smoke free until today January, 2011. Since then I have used other C.D.'s of yours to better myself and will forever be thankful to you.
Linda M.
Winnipeg, MB

I went to your seminar 20 years ago this year and quit smoking. Have never craved a cigarette since. It was a great success. Absolutely no problem from the first day. Thank you for helping me break a pack a day habit.
Beverley M.
Saskatoon, SK

Tried many times quitting smoking, nicotine substitutes do not cut it because you can take away the smoke that everybody is saying causing damage to your lungs. But it's the nicotine that keeps you returning to smoking with a vengeance and a feeling of failure. So you resign to the idea that you can't quit. Don't give up keep trying. Take in a Vance Romane's seminar. He came to Edmonton in early Feb 2010, thought I would give it a try, by golly its the longest I have gone with out nicotine and can honestly say I don't miss it one bit the smell of smoke the dirty taste the foul yellow stains on your finger and teeth you get the picture. I think of the money you're giving to the tobacco company and the bigger portion to the Government in taxes. To slowly kill your self. I would rather be free. Thank You Vance Romane.
Neils L.
Ardrossan, AB

It has been 21 years of not smoking thanks to Romane. I was a pack a day smoker for 20 years. I left his seminar that night and never had another cigarette since. I do believe it is mind over matter...
Edna G.
Vancouver, BC

Three years ago on March 7, 2008 I attended Romane's Stop Smoking seminar in Calgary. I was cynical at best about being able to stop a 2 pack a day habit, but thought I'd give it a try. Even knowing the harm that smoking causes I really wasn't very motivated to quit, but I wanted to give it a try. I am glad that I did - I haven't had a cigarette since. I strongly encourage anyone that is thinking that they might like to be smoke free to give Romane a try, even if you aren't highly motivated to stop smoking. You may just surprise yourself like I did.
Phil G.
Calgary, AB

I would like to share a series of serendipity events leading up to me attending your Feb.10/11 seminar. Sometime in the early - mid 90's my father (a 2-3 pk die hard smoker) attended one of your seminars, and quit that night much to the surprise of us all. He was never a nagger but made it well known through the years that we should go see you and do it also. He did nag a bit more in the later years about quitting... Sadly Dec/05 he suddenly passed at 59 yrs of age in his sleep due to cardiac failure... Fast forward another 4 years and although I did quit soon after that for 6 months it never lasted. I have been seriously thinking how to do it the last several months when I saw an advertisement for your "final major tour". Due to my financial situation I never thought it was possible to afford the ticket. (funny how smokers can afford a pk a day but balk at the sticker price). I thought about it a lot and keep wishing I could go, when I suddenly I won the 50-50 at work. I immediately phoned for a ticket, and attended, and am happy to say I am smoke free since I walked out. In the memory of my father, Thank you.
Candy S.
Port Moody, BC

I was a two pack a day smoker when I went to a Romane stop smoking seminar in Halifax NS about 10-12 years ago. I sat through the seminar thinking, I don't feel any different this can't be working. I left the seminar woke up the next morning with no cravings at all and never did crave a cigarette again to this day. I felt so blessed to have had Romane visit our city and it was the best money I have ever spent. I am now hoping he will visit our city with his lose weight seminar he is amazing that is all I can say. As a single parent at the time of his coming to Halifax I could not afford to smoke and my life changed so much after I was able to quit. I have told so many people here for years that he is for real, I hope he will return for all those people to experience his amazing help.
Halifax, NS

I had a life long struggle with trying to quit smoking. I started at 13 years old, gave it up for two years when I was 17, had one and smoked the whole pack that day, and a pack most days since. Last Feb. 5, '10 I went to see Vance Romane at the Michael J. Fox Theatre and his stop smoking seminar (about three hours). I haven't had a smoke since the intermission. I was 57 years old then. This is end of November '10, I'm 58 and I still have not smoked since going to see Romane. I don't know how it worked or works, but it did. I was smoking two packs of cigarettes a day. The seminar paid for itself in less than a week. Thanks Vance!
Bill D.
Ladner, BC

I used to be a heavy smoker for 10 years. I tried all sorts of methods, and I did quit here and there, for a couple of months at a time. Yet I never could get it fully out of my head until, that is, when Romane came to Weyburn this past March and I thought.. what the hell? It's worth a shot! It has changed my life forever. I am so thankful I went to it because I haven't had a cigarette since! Thank you.
Mike B.
Weyburn, SK

You were here in Halifax, April 21, 2008. I smoked three cigarettes in a row before coming in to your stop smoking seminar. I am proud to say I haven't had a smoke again. That was 29 months ago. I bought your CDs and played them every day for about 4 months your voice is still in my head. You said you are now smoke free. I smile every time I think of you. Thank you for giving me my life back, I will be always grateful.
Dave D.
Dartmouth, NS

I attended a Romane smoking seminar about 18 years ago. I haven't had a cigarette since that night. I would swear I was not hypnotised but something made me not want another cigarette. I get the occasional craving but having quit for so long there is no way I will ever smoke again.
It was well worth the money I spent for the seminar.
Betty C.
Chase, BC

Thanks, Romane, for allowing me to quit smoking 22 years ago! I tried so many times on my own to quit over 13 years, including chewing nicotine gum, acupuncture, gradually weaning off cigarettes and "cold turkey". Your hypnosis worked that very night. I did not gain weight nor have any untoward side effects.
Saskatoon, SK

I first heard of Romane, when my neighbor went to his seminar to quit smoking, she was successful at quitting, so I decided to go, when he came back the next time, I went and I haven't smoked since, that was in Feb 2001. I haven't had a craving since then, nor do I care about smoking... I know at the time, I thought I'd never quit smoking, for me, it was the hardest thing to do and I broke soooo many promises to myself, trying to quit. I'm proud of myself, and you've all heard this before, but so true; If I can do it, so can you!
Edmonton, AB

I tried everything to become a non smoker. After several attempts I attended a Romane seminar. It was like I had never been a smoker. No anxiousness. No cravings. It has been over 2 years now and I feel fantastic, I have never looked back... I still remember... NOT A PUFF NO MATTER WHAT!!!
Thank You.
Gail A.
Aldergrove, BC

I smoked for over 20 years and I have tried to quit so many times I have lost count. I had quit for several days several times, but have never made it very long. I enjoyed smoking very much, but I wanted to quit for health and money issues. I went to one of Romane's sessions on March 31st 2008, I didn't believe it would work, but wanted it to, and went with an open mind. It's September of 2009 and I haven't smoked - "not a puff". I feel great and I am so happy I quit smoking.
Thanks Romane !!!!!
Sheryl M.
Prince George, BC

In January of 2000 my New Year's resolution was to quit smoking. I had heard about Romane coming to our city. I did not hesitate to try hypnosis. I am very proud to say in a few short, relaxing hours I walked out the doors not craving a cigarette and being so disgusted by the smell that it has been 9 years of being smoking free!! My lifestyle changed drastically, healthier and happier and more money in my pocket.
Romane works, do not hesitate to give him a try!
Nikki W.
Chilliwack, BC

I attended one of your stop smoking seminars in Grande Prairie where I used to live. Part of the advice you gave in the seminar was to help yourself to quit by doing things like avoiding alcohol, avoiding stress etc. Well when I left the seminar and returned to the parking lot where i had left my truck i found it broken into and vandalized. So much for avoiding stress! After returning home from the seminar that night I listened to the CDs you provided which helped calm the events of the evening. I continued each night to listen until I found I didn't need to anymore. If I felt I had to, I could just relax and recite whichever parts of the CDs I felt I needed to in my mind. I am happy to say that I have not smoked since that night over six years ago. I was looking for you on the web because a good friend of mine wants to lose weight and I am going to tell her of your upcoming seminar. I hope it helps her as it has me. I thought I would share my story while I was here on your site.
Gordon M.
Rocky Mountain House, AB

I am a clean free air breather. I was a smoker for 10 years and never tried or really wanted to quit. I went to Romane because my father said he would pay for it so why not go. My last cigarette was during the break at the seminar. It was a year last week since that night and I haven't had one and never will again.
Sarah D.
Saint John, NB

My boyfriend has smoked for 30 plus years and I for 20. He has never attempted to quit before however I have attempted several times with no success. Together we attended the Quit Smoking Seminar on the evening of January 24 which was ironically the last day of National Non Smoking Week (January 18 -24, 2009). We were both a bit skeptical - unsure what to expect. We had heard of people going to hypnotists before in an attempt to quit but never knew anyone personally. We both smoked our final cigarette right before the seminar began and have not had one since. In fact, our motto now is "not a one - ever!" We are both free and are no longer prisoners to cigarettes - cigarettes do not control us. Thank you Romane, for helping us both make this positive change to our lives making us fresh air breathers. Our families are very proud of us! :)
Thank you Romane - we are believers!
Heather G.
Prince Albert, SK

Went to see Romane Jan 15/09 and have not had one. Yes like it states Not a one, Not a One Forever, No Matter what. I am Absolutely SOLD on Romane and will be Forever Grateful for this. This is more than a Simple Thank You. This is a Thank You for a life time. The amazing thing is Yes I am totally aware that I could go back to Smoking anytime I want to, but I do not want to and Never will. Yes the thought of smoking is still there off and on, but the most amazing thing is that there is no emotions, no craving behind that thought, no tension, no anxiety. its just a thought. Its like being in a meditative state where thoughts come into your head, you see them but you do not react to them you just let them go. Yes I have let go, and now I am on to lose weight. I am so Happy :)
Elvera W.
Calgary, AB

My father attended your stop smoking seminar in 2001, he had long since been a heavy smoker (for 33 years at over three packs a day!) and had tried quitting numerous times on his own. When I got pregnant with my first daughter, my father decided it was time to quit, not only for himself but for the health of his granddaughter. He has been over seven years without a cigarette, he left his last full pack at your seminar that night and hasn't touched one since! He is now healthier and has three granddaughters who love spending time with their Grampy. Thanks so much for all you've done for our family!
Shelburne, NS

You don't know me, but I attended a seminar of yours in Edmonton on 19th Jan. '08. I have smoked heavily for over 15 years, and tried to quit many times, as most smokers do. Occasionally I had some short term success, but nothing quite stuck. A friend of mine wanted to go to your seminar, but felt odd going alone, so I went just as moral support. I haven`t been particularly susceptible to hypnosis in the past, so I didn't expect any miracles. Expectations are often mistaken. It was as if you threw a switch in my psyche- I had three cigarettes in the Jeep on the way in, and I haven`t had a smoke since! For the first couple of weeks, I caught myself rushing through breakfast because my body anticipated the smoke-and-a-coffee afterward, but as soon as I consciously registered that it was a craving, it immediately faded away. It may not be a miracle, but it`s close enough for me. That was far and away the best time and money I've spent in the last twenty years.
Thanks for helping me get my life back-
Dave L.
Edmonton, AB

This month I will have been a non smoker for 3 yrs. I owe my life to Romane. Without his help I would have smoked my way to a early death. I attended a session Friday night, come Saturday morning I was a non smoker with no cravings at all.
Lynne H.
Drayton Valley, AB

To whom it may concern.....
I just wanted to let you know that your Stop Smoking Seminar worked for me. I was a pack a day smoker for 37 years and I quit after one seminar with Romane. It was the biggest accomplishment I have ever did. I am now smoke free for over 1 year. The date I quit was March 14 at 8:30 p.m.I known in my heart and soul I will never smoke again. It makes me so sick to see other people killing themselves with this dirty, nasty habit. I can finely smell and taste so much better. If I had have known then what I know now, I would have quit a long time ago. Thank you so much Romane for saving the rest of my life. I will now be able to spend the rest of my years with my children and grandchildren.
Lynda C.
Langley, B.C

My husband is in the British Army and we lived in Med Hat Alberta Canada for 2 years 2000 -2002, where I bought a ticket to see Romane - I smoked 40 a day for 22 years and from that night I've never had one since - unbelievable .... I loved smoking everything about it, apart from the cost and the smell, but I don't miss it at all!! I cannot thank you enough ever!!!
Sharon A.
London, England

I am 27 years old, and never really thought about quitting smoking. I've seen the Romane seminar commercial on t.v and wondered 'can this really work'. Well it did, me and my boyfriend were out in Alberta working (Lloydminster) and we both picked up tickets and, we are both still quit, and feeling great. Thanks Romane...
R. Wells
Brig Bay

I would like to thank you for your help in helping me quit smoking. I attended your seminar on Feb.27/07 in Lloydminster,Ab. Today, May 8/08, I remain smoke free. I haven't even taken a drag off a smoke. I am now 56 years old, and have been smoking since I was 16. At the end of my smoking career, I was smoking anywhere from 1 to 2 packs a day. I can't thank you enough.
Ryan H.
Lloydminster, AB

I went to the seminar in Feb. 2008 and I have been a non-smoker since. I did light one the other day and OMG it was awful. I will NEVER go back to that. Thank you so much Romane for your help at a very fun and uplifting event.
Karen B.
Aldergrove, BC

I had tried everything, including one-on-one hypnosis. Your program worked, I have been smoke free for 13 months.
Thank you.
Richard P.
Fredericton, NB

I took the night off from exam studying to go to Romane's seminar. I thought well, I know I won't stop during exams because I was way too stressed, but sure enough--- not a one! it's been almost 2 months, which normally isn't too long.... But I just moved to Paris, and everyone smokes... all the time! I have been here a month and half--- and I have no desire to have one! AMAZING. I just wish I could go to the weight loss seminar!
Thank you.
Nova Scotia