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The Wellness Journey

Wellness Journey M. Vance Romane is the author of The Wellness Journey. His highly acclaimed seminars have already helped thousands of people. Widely respected and admired, Romane utilizes his special gifts and many years of experience to help people realize their potential.

M. Vance Romane takes you on a journey to complete well being. By using your own mind, you can overcome the greatest obstacles. Romane shares how he has used hypnotism since he was nine years old to help himself and others have a better life.

Romane has acquired his skills by studying the works of hundreds of psychologists, physicians and hypnotists. He has a B.A. Honours Degree and is a Certified Master Hypnotist and a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists.

For decades, Romane has excelled as an entertainment and inspirational leader. Appearing on hundreds of radio and television shows, he is internationally renowned. Romane has enthralled audiences as large as 5,000 people, and has helped up to 1,500 smokers break their habit in a single night.

Romane has focused his talents on helping people discover the joy he has found in life. From losing weight to gaining fame and fortune, Romane will show you how to utilize your mind to ease your journey through life and become all you can be.

In conjunction with his seminars, Romane has written The Wellness Journey. In this wonderful book, Romane reveals the secrets of his success and shows readers how to use hypnosis to refocus their subconscious energy and make dreams come true.

"My vision is to educate people to use the power of their mind to reach their full potential and make their dreams come true---to help others to enjoy this holiday on earth." M. Vance Romane


"I just have had the distinct pleasure of reading a phenomenal book recently,, "The Wellness Journey" by Vance Romane. I am an avid reader and have read hundreds of books to date, "The Wellness Journey" has taken me on a journey through many books I have read in the past and tied them up into one interesting bundle plus much, much more. It teaches us how to look at ourselves, how to sort through our daily lives and how we can easily correct life's problems we all carry.

Romane is one of the most intriguing Hypnotists you could ever have the pleasure to work with, in person or through his book. We are all responsible for our own path we choose in life. I would highly recommend "The Wellness Journey" as a helpful guide to assist in every facet of your being. For those who are serious about making a better life for you and your loved ones, it is a must read!"

Joyce G., Burnaby BC


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  1. Don't Miss the Journey while Rushing Somewhere Else
  2. How Brain Power Works
  3. The Connection Between Mind and Body
  4. Hypnosis: Learning to Use Your Natural Gift
  5. Breaking Bad Habits
  6. Financial Stress
  7. Living the Vision
  8. Questions and Answers
  9. The Power of Positive Thinking
  10. Brain Power Exercises
  11. Conclusion
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About Romane

Through hypnosis, Romane shows people how to reach their inner strength to overcome problems and actualize their dreams. Romane's seminars have helped a long stream of people overcome problems with smoking, weight loss, self-esteem and addiction.

Over the years, Romane's name has become widely known. People who have tapped into their inner power with Romane's help, continue to spread the word.

the Wellness Journey
Romane has studied the mind for decades.
Now you can master The Romane Method to manage stress, control
weight, stop smoking, sleep better, improve memory, build self-esteem,
erase needless worry, fears or guilt, control temper, conquer headaches
and pain, cope with chronic or terminal illness, loss of love, forgiveness,
overcome gambling, excessive spending and any other unwelcome habit.